Our Approach

At preschool we follow the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) to help the children achieve the outcomes of staying safe, being healthy, enjoying and achieving, positive contribution and economic well-being. Your child will be assigned a Key Person who will be there for your child as they settle into the preschool setting.  Their Key Person will also complete a journal of your child’s time here and take into account your child’s interests and next steps when planning activities.

Your Key Person will welcome information from you so that we are working in partnership to support your child.

We use many different tools to support a child’s development while at preschool including the EYFS Ages & Stages,  What to Expect When, the Wellcomm speech and language tool and the Individual Assessment of Early Learning and Development (IAELD).  More information about these tools can be found on the Documents & Links tab.

Our Half Term Plan outlines the themes and topics that we plan for and look to cover. This is a flexible plan which we would always look to adapt where necessary following the needs and interests of the children.