So much to do, so little time!

Indoors this week the children have been learning about people who help us, concentrating on the emergency services.  At the round table we have had a police station set up where the children have been answering the phones, working on the computers, taking fingerprints, and trying to identify the people the police are looking for.

In Flower Group we have been learning about firefighters and how they help us and making lovely pictures of fire engines.

The small world area has been set up with numerous emergency services from police, fire fighters, doctors, nurses, paramedics centred around our hospital buildings.

The role play area has been filled with budding chefs, preparing some delicious treats with fruits and vegetables.

In the garden the children have been really loving the mud kitchen and have been making us lots of things to eat.  Soup, tea, ice cream and porridge – all beautifully presented and decorated with leaves and foliage. It Just so happens that it all tastes like mud though!

The sandpit opened this week for the children to enjoy and they have had a lovely time digging and building sandcastles. It has been a very busy area.

On Tuesday some of the children decided they would try on Lyn’s preschool fleece.  It turns out quite a few of them could fit inside! They had great fun moving together as one to make their way around the preschool and having a good giggle whilst they were going.

On Thursday the children got busy helping to build the new bikes that were delivered this week.  We were able to purchase these thanks to a donation from the Blakemore Foundation and the fundraising that you have all been taking part in.  The children have really enjoyed trying out the new bikes.  Thank you.