Fighting Fires

This week one of our focus areas has been around the emergency services and people who help us.  The children have been making headbands for police, ambulance and fire fighters and making hoses to put out fires in the garden. They have been dressing up, directing traffic, and using the water squirters to extinguish fires.

Whilst it has been very busy outside our hairdressers has been equally busy.  It’s like the end of lockdown all over again!  They’ve been doing a roaring trade and the children have really enjoyed styling each other’s and the ladies hair.

In the busy fingers area, we have been drawing around the shapes of shoes and using the scissors to cut around the shape of the soles.

At the playdough table the children have been making funny faces with the Mr Potato Head pieces, making models of themselves and people they know and making comparisons between them.

In the garden on Tuesday afternoon the children joined Judy in a fun rendition of ‘Row, Row, Row your Boat’ in the garden.