Come and get you bananas!

The outdoor marketplace was opened this week in the garden and there was a shopping frenzy to buy all the essentials that the children needed for their day. The trolleys, buggies and baskets were filled to the brim and the tills were very busy.

On Wednesday the weather was so bad that the market had to be cancelled but that didn’t stop the children from having a fun time in the garden. Coats were put on, zips and hoods pulled up and the children lined up to go outside and play big group games to keep active such as follow the leader, the baked bean game and move like an animal.

Our Mud Kitchen has been busy this week with lots of cooking with mud, pine cones and leaves.

In our Flower Group ‘busy bags’, the Nursery children have been compiling maps of Abbots Langley and the surrounding area with pictures of local landmarks and shops. This started some lovely conversations about the places where we live.

In the Maths area this week it’s all about size and comparisons, we have been looking at the small, medium and large mice and sorting tails for them and sorting into different size boxes.