Goodbye Little Leavers

This week has been all about saying goodbye to friends, thank yous and celebrating our time together.  It has been a wonderful fun filled year and everyone of your children has made it a special one for all us ladies. Thank you for allowing us to be part of their early childhood and giving us the privilege of helping them to grow.  Enjoy the pictures of our little leavers (and Debbie) and have a wonderful Summer.

Yo Ho Ho! It’s a pirate’s life for me!

The pirates have taken over preschool this week. The Jolly Rogers were raised and the ships set sail for far off lands. There was much dancing to sea shanties, digging for treasure, making maps, producing treasure pictures and general pirating shenanigans.  This week’s ‘Song of the Week’ has been ‘Over The Deep Blue Sea’ by Super Simple Songs and can be found on your Alexa.

Jump into Summer

Confidence was high as some of the children were practising their jumping off the wall.  No one needed any help from us at all compared to earlier in the year. It is so lovely to see the progression that they have made and the friendships that have formed over the last year.

Bye, Bye Butterflies

After much excitement and observing of our butterflies, Thursday morning the weather conditions were just right to let them take flight. The children sat around the racetrack in the playground and sang to the butterflies one last time and watched as they flew away. Some of the butterflies were kind enough to stick around long enough for the children to have a close look at them.


Jurassic Zoo

On our small world carpet, the dinosaurs were mixing with the wild animals and making friends. We looked at information books about both and the children were very knowledgeable about animals and dinosaurs. “A fossil is when a dinosaurs body disappears and leaves a pattern in the rock so that we know they were here” I was told by one of the children. I think this is such a lovely explanation.