Kicking off the week with imaginative play at it’s best!

This week started off with the children’s imaginations running wild in the garden at preschool.  We received a delivery of some colourful play fencing and the children were eager to help unpack it and and explore the ways it could be put together.  Along with the colourful construction blocks, they made enclosures to play in and shared ideas on how they could also create pathways and build towers and obstacles.  Flower Group have enjoyed practising their scissors skills to create some lovely zebra pictures.

Building bricks and dinosaur decorating

The builder bricks have been out with the wheelbarrows this week and there have been lots of towers, castles, houses, bridges and walls popping up in the garden.  The children have also enjoyed practising their construction skills inside.  This week’s art activity has been dinosaur collages which has been very popular.

Autumn is in the air!

The focus at preschool this week has been nature and autumn.  The children have been exploring our nature box looking at conkers, acorns, different coloured autumn leaves and making observations of the changing season in the outside world.  They have been busy making mobiles out of conkers to decorate the garden.  Our nursery aged children in Flower group have been making ‘Autumn Crowns’ and wearing them with pride.


The greengrocers is open! 28/09/20 – 02/10/20

Our greengrocers has been very busy with children choosing their vegetables, working the checkouts and making vegetable strings with the threading.  The Numicon boards have been used to look at number and shape and discovering how the different shapes can fit together on the boards.  It’s been another busy week of painting, playdough, exploring the preschool with the magnets, puzzles, stacking and sharing stories.  How truly lovely it is for us ladies to see all the children happy in their play.


Art attack in the garden! 28/09/20 – 02/10/20

The children have been very busy in the garden.  There’s been lots of group play outside using their mark making skills to draw large pieces of artwork together and taking advantage of a bit of good weather to draw around each other and some of the ladies with chalk.  We’ve had the wooden boards and ramps out which have encouraged lots of  play with our big trucks as well as practising balancing skills.  We’ve seen lots of lovely playing and exploring with all of our toys in the garden this week.