Getting ready for book week!

As always, the book corner is busy with story telling and looking at books, both story and information books. The dinosaur and animal books are very popular.

Imagine what you could be?

Small world imaginative play is a great way for the children to spend time together and share ideas using their imagination. And with lots of construction going on with Duplo and Mobilo we have lots of budding engineers in the making.

Preschool Activities at Home

A good activity and fun game to play with your children is Kim’s Game! Here’s how:
1. Collect a number of everyday items on a tray (about 6).
2. Ask your child some questions like … What do we use this for? How does this work? What is this?
3. Encourage your child to ask their own questions about the items.
4. Cover the tray of items and remove one item whilst your child is not looking.
5. Uncover the tray and see if your child can work out which one is missing?
Play again and try using some of your child’s favourite things.
Let us know how you get on 📸

Crafting with Little Red Riding Hood

This week our focus story has been Little Red Riding Hood. The children have enjoyed listening to the story, telling us stories, and making food baskets to take to Grandma’s house.

Bugs Life!

Bugs have overtaken the castle this week and have been having a great time climbing the parapets and jumping off the ramparts or is it climbing the ramparts and jumping off the parapets? I am never quite sure, but the bugs seem to be having fun anyway!  Inside the the cars and garages are always fun play and some of the tracks built are quite magnificent – some built by the ladies and some by the children.