The Preschool Shoe Shop

Our preschool shoe shop has opened for business and is doing a roaring trade. The children have been measuring each other’s feet, taking turns to be the customer or shop assistant and enjoying the opportunity to try on different styles of footwear.  In the art area there has been painting with welly boots to look at the patterns on the soles and decoration of boot shapes to design their own pair.


Potions & Pots of Tea

Water play has been focused in the outdoor café.  There has been much pouring and preparing of tea and potions so you take your chances on what you’re served by the children and hope for the best.  It could be a lovely cup of tea or something that turns you into a dragon!

We all love puzzles!

The puzzle table has been busy.  We have not had them out for a while and the children have really enjoyed showing us how good they are at doing them.  As always there has been lots of reading and storytelling going on as well.

Teamwork makes the dream work :-)

In the Forest Garden there have been snail hunts and building with blocks to make a house.  The children were working together and planning as a team to reach the desired result.

On our soft-pore area in the garden the children were again working very hard together to make a tunnel from the giant Duplo on the bridge for them all to crawl through.  It did collapse a few times, but they persevered together and were finally successful in making a tunnel they could get through.

Splish Splash

With the sun shining the waterplay area both inside and outside have been popular. Indoors there have been dolphins and mermaids, outdoors there have been wild animals at the watering hole.