Bonnets & Building


The children have been so pleased to return after the Easter break and have really enjoyed parading around the preschool in their Easter bonnets, we can see all the hard work and imagination that has been put into these wonderful creations.

The sun has been shining and it has been very busy in the garden especially with building and construction. There has been planning, preparation and creation of some great structures and the digger has been used for excavating and transporting the bricks.


Planting and Playing

The weather may have been changeable this week, but Spring has begun here at preschool. The children have been brightening up the room indoors with their beautiful collages and paintings of daffodils and drawing still life pictures of flowers.

In the garden, they have been planting colourful primroses and sunflower seeds.

Indoors the children have been practising their threading and building with blocks and Stickle Bricks.

Lots of energetic play outdoors has been taking place to keep warm. There has been ball games, egg and spoon races and the children have been practising their Bunny Hops around the garden.


Happy, sunny week!

The sun has been shining on us this week and we have been having lots of fun both indoors and out.

Our focus has been on babies and how they grow, what they need and how we look after them. The children have really enjoyed looking at the pictures of themselves and friends as babies in our role play area which has been set up as a baby clinic.

On the painting easels we have been painting handprints to compare the different sizes of our hands and on the craft table creating collages of babies and the things they wear and need.

In the garden the children have been taking the babies for a stroll in the sunshine.

The playdough table has been popular this week with the children making funny monsters with our Mr Potato Head accessories.

In our Busy Fingers area the children have been taking great care to create some lovely cards for a special day on Sunday. We do hope you like them. They have been very proud of their creations.

In the Forest Garden the diggers have been out moving earth and sand around and generally getting everyone who visits that area a bit dusty.

On Thursday afternoon the children got very busy helping Lyn empty and re-line the sandpit in preparation for its opening next term. As they say, ‘many hands make light work’.


Five little ducks went exploring one day …

We have had a busy week at preschool this week doing lots of activities, however the main attraction has been our 5 little ducklings. They have been having hugs from the children and the ladies, attending Flower and Leaf Group, having a play with the Duplo, visiting the toy farm and the mark making table, and enjoying a swim at singing time.

In the craft area we’ve been making collage ducks and painting large duck shapes with shower puffs and at the busy fingers table the children have been drawing ducks using shapes, in the maths area there has been lots of counting and sharing activities with baskets for nests, eggs and our wooden British wildlife birds.

Today the ladies and some of the children wore red to support Comic Relief and we will be doing a few funny activities throughout the day.

The Great Preschool Egg Watch


On Monday afternoon we had a delivery of 5 eggs and an incubator, much discussion has been about what is growing inside of the eggs.  There has been suggestions of chicks, crocodiles, dinosaurs, very large spiders or even chocolate eggs with toys inside. On Wednesday morning the children arrived to find 2 recently hatched ducklings, this caused great excitement and occasionally a disappointed sigh that they are not dinosaurs.  Thursday morning saw the addition of 2 more arrivals and the final duckling is trying very hard to hatch today.  He’s keeping us company in the office.

Elsewhere throughout the preschool the children have been modelling eggs and ducks out of playdough, painting with wheels to see the tracks they make and drawing pictures of the animals they think are in the eggs.

On our easel Judy has made a soft and fluffy sensory wall for the children to stroke, run their hands through and brush, this has been done specially to encourage gentle hands and soft touching in preparation of being able to have a hold of the ducklings next week.

The home corner has been turned into a veterinary clinic for our cuddly toy animals and the children have been taking good care of all the sick and injured animals giving them medicine and bandaging their injuries.

Outside in the garden the children have been having a go at the obstacle course set up by Audrey, this involves lots of climbing and balancing and they have got increasingly better at it as the week goes on.  The space hoppers have been out this week and we have been bouncing all around the garden, seeing who can bounce the fastest, highest and having bouncing races.  Also in the garden we have been listening to music, dancing and playing the musical instruments.