School’s Out!

It has been a very busy week saying goodbye to all our children who are off to Nursery and Reception.  We wish you all the best for future.  We are delighted that some children are staying with us and we look forward to seeing them in September and seeing how much they’ve grown!  Have a fabulous summer everyone 🙂

Good sports!

Amazing sack race performances today! The children have got the hang of this so quickly.  We also had egg and spoon race and balancing a beanbag on your head while you run race.  We’ve also been impressed with the way that they have sat and waited for their turn while their friends are having a go.  Such good sports!

We made a new friend in the garden today

We made new friends in the garden this morning although he couldn’t stay too long.  Inside, break off leaf groups were being run and finger painting took a new turn.

Does slow and steady win the race?

The children were really using their imaginations today, playing with the resources in different ways and making up their own games without an adult.  We also had sports day races in the garden and the age old dilemma in the egg and spoon race, slow and steady or run and hope the egg doesn’t fall off!

And the crowd goes wild

The set was still under construction when the first performers took to the stage today.  Twinkle twinkle went down a treat and when they sang Baa Baa Black Sheep, the crowd raised the roof 🙂