New workbenches

One of our Dads has made us 2 beautiful work benches for the garden and they are a massive hit with the children!  They are a fabulous addition to the garden and children will get so much pleasure and learning from them both now and in years to come.

Crazy play dough creatures

We are making faces and creatures in the play dough and these funny creatures were built today.  But the garden is where everyone wants to be today, enjoying the weather and spotting vapour trails and aeroplanes.

Snails and woodlice

Snails and woodlice were examined today and they walked across a few hands. The children have been out in the garden a lot today, enjoying the sunshine.

Breakspeare Post Office

In keeping with our ‘People Who Help Us’ theme, there is a post office on the mark making table.  There has been lots of concentrated letter writing going on today but the best bit is sticking on the stamps!

Mud Kitchen reopens

The mud kitchen has reopened much to the delight of the children and Sue and her helpers found some potatoes that had escaped the last harvest! In the sandpit, the construction workers were clearing the site ready for building 🙂