Fond farewell to the ducklings

This week we have had a lot of fun with our ducklings.  They have had a swim and then had to be dried off and they have been very patient letting the children stroke them. They go back to the small holding on Friday where they will be looked after. We hope the children have got as much out of them as we have.

Four babies and counting…

Another baby hatched today so we now have 4 hatched.  Both the remaining eggs are showing signs that someone is trying to come out but its a very long process.  The children are fascinated and yes, we know that they don’t look great when they come out but they do perk up after a few hours.  They still need cuddles though and I’m not sure if they’ve imprinted on me or me on them! In Leaf Group, we have been practising our scissor skills.

Three down, three to go

So we came in to 2 chicks as another hatched overnight.  Number 3 hatched in front of the children and some of the children haven’t strayed far from the chicks or eggs. In the garden, they were thinking of ingenious uses for the tyres and exploring the echo effects of a traffic cone.

An Eggciting Delivery

Six large white eggs were delivered today and out of one of them came a duckling!  The rest are due to hatch this week so we will wait and see.  In the garden, there is a very good bike repair shop and all the bikes are having a service.  We also had a mummy come in and read stories and help with admin jobs which was great.

Complicated climbing frame

The climbing frame has got more complicated this week and it’s amazing how quickly the children have adapted and learnt. At the craft table we are making our own daffodils.