Music Makers

Music has been heard all over preschool this week from party music and dancing in the garden using instruments, to ‘Circle Time’ when we’ve been using instruments to make rhythm. One of the children even set up a music corner so he could produce music with his friends.


We love number tunes!

This week our focus has been numbers and nursery rhymes / songs using numbers.  In the maths corner we’ve been looking at 5 Little Ducks, 2 Little Dicky Birds, 5 Little Men In A Flying Saucer and 5 Currant Buns.  At the craft table Judy has been busy saving all her bottle tops so we could stick them to our green bottle shapes whilst having a little sing song of 10 Green Bottles.


Mark Making, Leaf Group & Flower Group

At the mark making table we have been using our pencil skill boards and the children have enjoyed a different way of honing their pencil control. Flower Group have been practising their writing, counting and numeral recognition as they use these skills to explore area using our Numicon boards.  Leaf Group have had their turn this week looking at the Chatterboxes and have loved looking at strange, unusual and everyday objects which spark conversation and talk.

This Week In The Garden

In the garden the wooden walkway has been out, and the children have been looking at different ways to travel along it such as balancing, riding trucks, crawling and pushing our large vehicles.  Some of our boys made a lovely den in the playhouse, setting up the chairs to make an area to chat and play together.  The large ball net has been a hit! Throwing the balls in the right direction can sometimes be a tricky thing but they are getting the hang of it.  It’s not always all go go go in the garden, sometimes we like to sit a while and chat with our friends.


Busy In The Home Corner

Our Home Corner has been full of very industrious children this week who have been busy doing the washing, hanging it on the line to dry, ironing, making tea and sweeping and hoovering around preschool.  They have been working very hard!