Dinosaur hunt

Today we had a dinosaur hunt in the garden and the children were very good at finding them.  Lots more colour mixing inside and a new way to build with the magnetic blocks, seeing how much load the magnets could take before collapsing.

London Bridge is falling down

London Bridge was simultaneously being built and falling down in the purple room today as the girls were singing while they built.  We’ve been mark making with stencils this week and they have done really well, concentrating hard. On the craft table, we are using sweet wrappers and net to colour mix and see what happens when you layer colours.

Leaf blowers

The garden is full of excitement this week…. but sometimes it’s all about watching men collecting leaves and using leaf blowers in the playground next door – all adding to their understanding of the world 🙂 We have cars and semi circles in the sand pit, today they built bridges  and made race track marks in the sand.

Mashed potato

The role play corner is set up as the 3 bears cottage this week and instead of play dough, we are playing with mashed potato instead, sharing it between bowls and making shapes out of it. Outside, the remote control cars are very popular and there was a cracking game of football going on this morning.

A little ray of sunshine

It was nice to have some sun in the garden today and the children enjoyed playing with the dolls houses.  Inside, lots of building with different materials and some child led turn taking games.