Fun times at Preschool!

The children have had a great week and have been very busy engaging in many activities. This week water painting has been very popular. The children, armed with paint brushes have enjoyed “painting” the fence. This is a very simple yet effective way to encourage mark making.

We have learnt about coordination, using a balance beam, the children have been encouraged to walk in a straight line and use stepping stones. We practiced pencil control in our mark making area and used magnetic mazes to help. Our Flower group has also started this week and we enjoyed drawing rainbows.

We used our arts and craft skills to make finger print cupcakes, but sometimes we painted our hands!!! We love getting messy at Preschool.

Outdoor Exploration. 14th- 18th September

Outside Last week the children had fun exploring different activities. We enjoyed playing with dinosaurs and created a habitat for them using logs. This was great for engaging the children, encouraging imagination and engaging as a group. We also played with cars and the garage. The children were also encouraged to use their imagination, playing with the kitchen toys and play tools. Outside the children were given the opportunity to explore the outdoor equipment and enjoyed slides, tunnels, tyres and the seesaw.

Having Fun Indoors! 14th-18th September

Last week the children enjoyed exploring the indoors, we had fun playing with shapes with shape sorters and puzzles. We made shape arrangements with our magnetic blocks, and we were learning about colour and different shapes. 

We also had fun exploring colour through our painting activity. This activity was very popular and the children loved it. We were learning how colour blends and the interesting new colours we could create by mixing different colours together.  We used the wheels on our toy cars to make tracks in the paintings. It was very messy but a lot of Fun! 

On our mark making table the children had the opportunity to experiment with pencil control, and we were colouring and drawing buses, cars and other methods of transport.

It was a great week and the children engaged well with all activities inside, we had a focus on nursery rhymes, and the children enjoyed singing, We sang, The wheels on the bus, wind the bobbin up and we also sang our new handwashing song “This is the way we wash our hands, to get them nice and clean.” (to the tune of The mulberry bush)

Great to be back!

It’s the start of a new preschool year and we are so happy to be back!  It’s been lovely welcoming the children both this week and last.  They have enjoyed playing with some of their favourite toys and getting used to life at preschool!

Fond farewell to the ducklings

This week we have had a lot of fun with our ducklings.  They have had a swim and then had to be dried off and they have been very patient letting the children stroke them. They go back to the small holding on Friday where they will be looked after. We hope the children have got as much out of them as we have.