I’m forever blowing bubbles

Next time you’re at a loss of what to do with old socks and old water bottles, blow bubbles is your answer! We also got the scissors out today and we’re still gluing pictures of things to take on holiday.

Science experiments

Today the hair salon got a delivery of hair pieces to offer to clients 🙂  Over at the sink, there was a very interesting experiment in progress to see how much water you can fit in a kitchen roll and how long it stays water tight.

City planners were out in force

City planners were out in force today trying to work out the best way to move all the trucks around the track. They then took the ‘plane’ the the beach for a holiday 🙂

The salon was very busy today

The salon was very busy today with lots of keen hair stylists and clients.  The booking system was being ably managed on the (powerless) lap top too.

And off they go!

And off they go!  We sang our Fuzzy Caterpillar song to them and let them fly away into the sunshine.