Standing room only in the sandpit

It was standing room only in the sandpit this afternoon, lots of castles being created and knocked down. Flower group were making pictures of different types of transport and yet more bubbles were blown.

Zoom, zoom, zoom, we’re going to the moon.

We are Zooming to the Moon at singing time this week with the aid of our trusty spaceship.  Today the parachute provided a lovely shady corner to use the peg boards to make patterns.

Counting cars

Our focused activity this week is a traffic survey so the children are watching to count cars, bikes, motorbikes, lorries, buses, pedestrians over the fence. In the mud kitchen, the theme is washing up, cleaning all the equipment that has been used over the term. Inside, the role play is back to a home corner and they are very excited by the pegging out of washing and ironing 🙂

Mark making in the sand

Some great pictures came out of Flower group today.  We also had mark making in the sand and some lovely football games in the garden.

Gardeners’ World

Sue kept them busy in the garden today planting courgettes, peas, runner beans and sweetcorn.  She had a lot of enthusiastic helpers and the children will be involved in the watering and eventual harvesting later on in the year.