Happy half term

Hope you all have a good half term and we’ll see you soon. :0)

Scissor skills

Today we have been practising our scissor skills :0) We have also been painting colour monsters and making trains in the garden.


Lots more assault course participants today.  Inside, the kitchen is full of spaghetti ( or noodles) to cook with and we’re making foot prints in the play dough with animals.

Assault Course

We have an assault course in the garden this week and the children are doing very well with the climbing and balancing.  There is also football and a closely fought match between Crystal Palace, Tottenham and Arsenal was going on this morning. At singing time, we are playing the instruments to Grand Old Duke of York and the role play corner is now a AsdaTescoSainsburysBudgens shop.

Hanging out in the book corner

The boys were hanging out in the book corner today and there were lots of stories being shared too.  The concentration faces on the threading table were fabulous and the pictures that were created were great.