A Gruffalo! Why, didn’t you know?

There was a rumour that the Gruffalo might live in the big tree in the school playground but I don’t think any of the children managed to spot him today. Thanks to the grant from the National Lottery, a new kitchen arrived for the garden today and the chefs were straight in, cooking up a storm for the outside cafe.

Old and crinkly sunflowers

Our summer sunflowers are now looking old and crinkly and are a great way to see how things change over time.  Elsewhere, some children were writing their own story with George, others were acting their story with Debbie or reading to themselves.

Mr Snail

We found a snail on the walk this afternoon and there was lots of fascination with the size of the trees.  In flower group this week we are making leaves from tissue paper and some of the children are copying the leaves they collected.  In the garden, running turned into an animal game.  The children were snakes, spiders, birds, horses….

Nature walk

Our focus this week is nature and today we had a walk into the grounds of the school to look at the trees, leaves and anything else we found.  There are lots of different textures and colours around at the moment which are great to talk about.

Big foam blocks

The big foam blocks have several uses, a great construction material and they’re also reminiscent of soft play! We bounced off some energy this afternoon and inside, the farm was being carefully tended.