An Easter Parade Celebrating Spring

It has been wonderful to see all the beautiful, wild, wacky and inventive selection of Easter Bonnets on the children this week. They have loved showing them to us, their friends and parading around preschool with their bonnets on.  There have also been Easter egg hunts taking place in the garden and the children have been tending the seeds they planted last week and looking for signs of shoots.

The Builders Are On Site

The tool kits are out, and repairs are underway in the garden from our trusted team of builders and they even got the hoover out and cleaned up after themselves.

The forest garden has been busy as always with log stacking, small world play, and creating new “recipes” in the mud kitchen.

Beautiful Babies

In the home corner the children have been looking after the babies with great care.  They’ve been feeding them, giving them baths and health checks.  Much talk has been about all the lovely baby photos of the children on the wall and seeing how they have changed and grown and how they look compared to others.

Pattern With Sound and Pasta!

At our mark making table the children have been using their fine motor skills and keeping their fingers busy making pasta necklaces and bracelets.  During music and movement time we have been making patterns of sound with the musical instruments.


Dressed in Red for Comic Relief

Today is Comic Relief and the team and children have been arriving dressed in red to mark the occasion.  Lots of fun and games continued throughout the day and we even managed to raise a bit of money for a worthy cause.