Display Board Creations

The artwork the children have been creating is now starting to adorn the preschool room and it is looking very colourful. There are rainbows from the Nursery children in Flower Group and Peppa Pig pictures made with colourful ribbons and shape collages strung along our washing line.


Exploring Colour and Shape

We have been exploring colour and shape through play and art. There have been some fabulous collages made of shapes and strictures with different shape blocks and magnetic shapes.

Bugs Galore

This week there have been bug hunts happening around the preschool garden and the children have been very excited whenever they spot a new one.  Lots of woodlice and daddy long legs have been found.


Fixing With Friends

The tools have been very popular in the garden and the children have been very busy fixing things (even if they are not broken).  There are friendships being made and renewed and some wonderful teamwork emerging.

First Week Fun!

It has been a lovely week welcoming back some familiar faces and getting to know our new starters. There has been lots of play, exploring, renewing friendships and making new friends.

Indoors there has been painting, sticking, tea parties in the home corner, lots of stories shared, playing in the sand and creating with playdough. In the garden we have explored, ridden bikes, played with cars and lots of imaginative play and chasing games.