Book of Fairy Tales

The chicks were collected today and went back to the farm.  Outside, our princesses and superheroes were ruling the playground. We are making a book of fairy tales using all the craft that the children have done over the term, which some of the flower group are beginning to put together.


Code 18 on checkout 2 🙂 The role play area is a shop this week and there is a lot of buying and selling going on.


More chick stroking 🙂  You can see the feathers on their wings growing already.


The chicks returned from their weekend away and have moved into their executive apartment until Thursday.  The children get to stroke them this week and both chicks and children were very well behaved!  In the garden, the big climbing frame is out to challenge the children, it also helps to cement the idea of queuing!

Happy Red Nose Day

Thank you for supporting us throughout the week with our fundraising for Comic Relief, we’ll let you know how much we raised next week. #RedNoseDay2019