Peppa’s tea party

Peppa had a tea party in the home corner today with cake and biscuits on Peppa pig plates and a dinosaur was created in the craft corner.

Making animals

The children take turns to ring the bell when it is time to tidy up the toys and 2 of our helpers were very enthusiastic today.  As well as making cakes in the play dough, we are making animals/ monsters/ dinosaurs in the craft corner, some of them have been very scary!

Birthday cake

Lots of cake decorating and lots of talking about birthdays, presents and candles today.

Snake’s log pile house

It was decided that the toy snake needed a log pile house, much like her counterpart in the Gruffalo story.  So a log pile house was carefully constructed, leaves added for insulation and then the warm and snuggly snake was read The Gruffalo by the architects. 🙂


Our spider friend

Our spider friend has been living in his rather large web all week and the children have been very careful not to disturb him when they are looking at him.  This afternoon, some of the children were inspired to make a web and spiders to go on it.