Parent Support & Involvement

How you can help us
As a non-profit organisation we do appreciate all the support and help that parents and carers give.  You can get involved by:

  • Donating fruit for snack (fresh, dried or tinned) or other daily essentials like boxed tissues, baby wipes, liquid hand soap and antibacterial wipes.  If we are running low we will request these items in our weekly newsletter.
  • Join our committee or volunteer to help with fundraising events.
  • Support the committee’s fundraising efforts which run throughout the year.
  • Read the weekly newsletter and follow us on Facebook.

How you can help your child
Here are some ways that you can be fully involved in your child’s time at preschool and keep us informed:

  • Share the weekly Blog with your child, this gives you a talking point to work from.
  • Look at our half term plan so you can see what themes we are covering.  Perhaps you’ll have opportunities to read stories or share experiences around what we are looking at with your child.
  • Keep us informed of any changes in your child’s life e.g. new baby, new pet, new home,  unwell member of the family, shared setting, new childminder, etc.  This will help us to support your child through changes in their lives whether they be happy or sad ones.